Early and Rare 'Sandhamn' Table

Axel Einar Hjorth
Ref. 191138

Deeply carved and stained pine
With metal plaque embossed 'AB Nordiska Kompaniet' and impressed 'R 33848 - 10 6 29’
Produced by Nordiska Kompaniet AB, Sweden

The Sandhamn series was the first of the ‘Sportstugemöbler’ range designed by Axel Einar Hjorth for Nordiska Kompaniet. This example was executed in 1929, the first year the series was introduced.

Krister Littorin
Commissioned circa 1930 to Littorin's hunting villa, located on an island in Stockholm's inner archipelago. Krister Littorin, an engineer, was Swedish entrepreneur and industrialist Ivar Kreuger's closest associate.

Literature: Christian Björk, Thomas Ekström, Eric Ericson, ‘Axel Einar Hjorth - Möbelarkitekt, Stockholm, 2009, pp. 128 and 130

Produced by NK Nordiska Kompaniet.

H.56cm/22'' W.75cm/29,5'' D.45cm/17,7''

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