Group of Kraka Vases

Sven Palmqvist
Ref. 10439

Signed Orrefors Kraka Pu 3354 Sven Palmqvist - H: 32,6 cm W: 11,0 cm D: 9,5 cm
Signed Orrefors Kraka Nr. 322 Sven Palmquist - H: 33,0 cm W: 9,5 cm D: 8,0 cm
Signed Orrefors Sweden PU 3364 Sven Palmqvist - H: 26,5 cm W: 11,5 cm D: 9,0 cm

The Kraka technique was developed by Sven Palmqvist in 1944. The pattern is created with the use of a wire mesh that is placed over a blank that is then etched. This creates a net-like pattern that traps air bubbles when the outer encasing of glass is applied.

Produced by Orrefors.

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