The "Dragon" Floor Vase

Thorvald Bindesbøll
Ref. 171204

Glazed ceramic. Signed monogram TB, 1892. The inside of the upper rim titled “The Dragon”

Exhibited: Danish Pavilion, International Exhibition of Arts & Crafts. Grand Palais, Paris 1925. (Group III, 2, No. 1, No. 2002).

Ed. Rées auction, Design Museum Denmark, November 1918. Catalogue No. 196, here indicated by incorrect year. Sold to Consul General Valdemar Glückstadt for DKK 935,-.

Owned by merchant I. Chr. T. Levinsen during The Paris Exhibition.

Thorvald Bindesbøll made many of his vases at Københavns Lervarefabrik in Valby. Here he was a colleague to the artist Svend Hammershøi. Hammershøi describes Bindesbøll's works as a result of a serious and highly thought-out process. A work process where the sketches were hung on the wall, so “... the idea of a shape or an ornament slowly can mature itself and prove fit to be executed in real life…” This is reflected in his ceramics which precisely show this organic process where everything is in constant movement.

Literature: Svend Hammershøi: Thorvald Bindelsbøll. In Memoriam 1846–1946. Fischers Forlag, 1946, pp. 34–35.

Produced by Københavns Lervarefabrik.


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