High Resolution - Tapio Wirkkala 2016

Feb 26 - April 23

Works by Tapio Wirkkala | Photographs by Hans Hansen | Curated by Ilke Penzlien
Opening: Thursday, February 25th, 6–9 pm

Jacksons Berlin presents ‘High Resolution’, an exhibition showing works by Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala, together with photographs by contemporary German photographer Hans Hansen.

The selected works from Jacksons represent Tapio Wirkkala's emphasis on the material's intrinsic qualities, for which he translated patterns found in nature into physical form. The exhibition shows some of Wirkkala's works in clear and engraved glass, in both abstract and defined shapes. To further elaborate on Wirkkala's mastery of the material, other rare objects, furniture and lighting pieces in wood and silver are on display.

Hans Hansen has been inspired by Tapio Wirkkala ever since seeing his Ice Sculptures at the “Triennale di Milano" in 1960. Since then, he has continued to photograph Wirkkala's glass objects as an ongoing, independent project for decades. The photographs of Hansen depict details, surfaces and silhouettes of Wirkkala's glass objects, revealing their sensual character in graphical ways. This is the first time a selection of these photographs are shown in an exhibition.

By juxtaposing Wirkkala's delicate objects with their retinal counterparts, 'High resolution' invites viewers to zoom in and reflect on the legacy of 20th-century design from different perspectives.

Table in laminated birch and ebonised solid wood. Circa 1953. One of three known to be produced. Manufactured by Cabinet maker Martti Lindqvist together with Tapio Wirkkala. Ref: 7261.

Leaf by Tapio Wirkkala. 1950s. Laminated birch. Signed TW. Produced by Soinne et Kni. Ref. 7038

Photographs by Hans Hansen