Alvar Aalto 2012 - 2013

SEP 2012 - FEB 2013




"Beauty is the harmony of purpose and form" Alvar Aalto 1928

From September 14, Jacksons is pleased to exhibit a unique selection of furniture, lamps, and glassworks from the Finnish Architect and Designer Alvar Aalto. 

Aalto was a prominent figure in the revival of "Organic Architecture", although his work began in the early 1930's with his more natural approach to functionalism, exemplified by his use of laminate bentwood and fluid lines. Known as "Human Modernism", Alvar Aalto's dialogue with nature, architecture, design, and the human being has become a living legacy.

The exhibition features many rare and important pieces, such as chairs from the Rautatalo Café in Helsinki produced in the 1950´s, and an early example of the "Paimio Chair" - which shares the same name of the Sanatorium that was completed in 1932.

Also featured in the exhibition are several original Savoy Vases, which were named after the Savoy Restaurant in Helsinki, for which Aalto and his wife Aino Aalto designed the entire furnishings and light fixtures. The Savoy Vase design won the 1936 competition organized by Finland's glass manufactures - Karhula and Iittala - and was also featured at the Paris World's Fair a year later in 1937. The unique undulating form of the Savoy Vase has acquired a cult status.In addition, there are two rare Aalto sculptural works, which were produced in the 50's and 70's as gifts for Artek retailers abroad.

Original black leather "X 602" stools. Legs of bent massive birch. Design 1954. Patent No 154562 applied 3rd of April 1954.

Sculpture, arranged detail of the Paimio chair attached to laminate board. Photographed for ARTEK advertisement.

Black leather "No.10,68" Chair. Designed in 1954 for the Rautatalo Café in Helsinki.

Wall lamp. White painted metal and glass. Original glass bulb.Designed for Paimio Sanatorium, 1929-32.

Garden set "Sunflower" from 1950.