Vicke Lindstrand

1904 - 1983

Vicke Lindstrand was a multidisciplinary artist known primarily for his glasswork, but also for his work in textiles, illustration, painting, sculpture, and ceramics. Lindstrand began working at Orrefors glass factory in 1928, where he participated in many important national and international exhibitions, including the Stockholm Exhibition in 1930, the Paris Exhibition in 1937, and the New York World's Fair in 1939. During his time at Orrefors, Lindstrand helped develop new glass techniques, including the Ariel technique, which adds air bubbles to the design. In 1940, Lindstrand moved back to Stockholm and began to focus on ceramics and textile design. He later became director of design at the Kosta glass factory and developed many new ideas and techniques, including a series of vases depicting changing seasons. Lindstrand's work remains sought after due to the complexity of the medium and the development of new techniques.