Svenskt Tenn Flower Vase

Björn Trägårdh
Ref. 8250

Pewter stamped with Svenskt Tenn marks. D8 = 1930.

Björn Trägårdh participated at the Stockholm Exhibition 1930 as a designer for the companies Svenskt Tenn and C G Hallberg with a clear approach to the exhibitions introduction of Functionalism in Sweden. Björn Trägårdh was also an exhibiting constructivist painter under direction of one of Swedens pioneers in modern art, Otto G Carlsund, who had invited a great number of internationally known artists like Mondrian, Leger, Helion, to mention a few, who had their paintings shown in a special arranged venue at the same exhibition.

Vase or sculpture, here is a fine line in the constructive mind of Björn Trägårdh.

Produced by Svenskt Tenn.

H.23,5cm/9,3'' DIA.9cm/3,5''

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