Table 'Mora' Stockholm Exhibition 1930

Axel Einar Hjorth
Ref. 180525

Oval shape, crackled lacquer in ochre, black and grey, carved decoration in relief.
metal label: NORDISKA KOMPANIET R 34552 - 15 3 30.
Provenance; Stockholm Exhibition 1930

The model was shown together with a cabinet and two chairs also in the 'Mora -series' in the department for the more exclusive interiors at the exhibition.

Literature; Christian Björk, Thomas Ekström, Eric Ericson, 'Axel-Einar Hjorth - Möbelarkitekt', Signum 2009, compare the model illustrated p 102.

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Axel Einar Hjorths ritning till bordet finns i NK-liggaren i Nordiska Museets arkiv och är daterat 20/12 1929. Produced by NK Nordiska Kompaniet.

H.60,5cm/23,8'' W.50cm/19,7'' D.36cm/14,2''

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