"The Priest's Collar" Ceiling Lamp

Claus Bolby
Ref. 15606

Aluminum frame and clear acrylic panels. Designed 1966. The lights were designed to symbolise a Danish priest's collar, with acrylic lamellaes radiating from a metal tube.

Claus Bolby was born in 1944 and began his career as a technician in the Royal Danish Airforce. In his free time, meanwhile, he pursued a broad range of creative arts, including painting and working with wood and other materials. These mixed media activities and his technical skills brought Bolby into lighting design, and he won a commission to produce pendant lighting for a newly built and strikingly modern church in Strandby, Northern Jutland. Produced by Cebo.

H.29cm/11,4'' DIA.40cm/15,7''