Poul Kjærholm

Sep 01 - Mar 10

From September 2013, Jacksons is pleased to announce an exhibition featuring the work of Danish furniture architect Poul Kjærholm. Kjærholm began his career at the height of Danish Modern's "golden years", and was the final major figure to emerge from the Danish furniture tradition. He developed an artistic ideology early on that he would be faithful to throughout his lifetime.

Kjærholm was one of the Scandinavian designers most influenced by the functionalist principles found in other international Modernist Movements, yet his approach was humanized by a traditional Scandinavian sensibility. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Kjærholm adopted steel rather than wood as his material of choice. After a series of experiments with molded materials, he began to treat his steel constructions with the delicacy and care found in traditional wood cabinetmaking. In fact, he considered steel to have an equal artistic merit with that of other natural materials. Kjærholm dressed his matte, chrome-plated steel frames--which resembled the surface of waxed wood--with rich, deliberately unfinished canvas, leather, and woven rattan--materials that became more beautiful with age.

No. 5645, Flagline Chair PK25, 1961.
Manufacturer: E Kold Christensen.

No. 4431, Kjaerholm Screen PK 111, Designed in 1956. Oregon Pine.
Manufacturer: PP-Møbler.

No. 7150, The "Holscher chair" from the 1950's acquired its name because of the steel tube construction made by the Sven Holscher, a blacksmith in the small town of Rødby. His son Knud was a professor and good friend and classmate of Kjærholm. The chairs were manufactured for friends and for the Kjærholm family. The winding of the flag halyard was done by Hanne and Poul Kjærholm, Knud Holscher, and in this case by Holø Bergljot.

Exhibition View

No. 7859, PK - 20, 1960's. Original natural leather. Matt-chromed steel frame. Frame stamped E Kold Christensen logo.

No. 8221, Stone Table.

No. 8649, Poul Kjaerholm Dining Set, 1960's.
PK - 54 dining table with top of flint rolled cippolini marble, matt-chromed spring steel frame. E Kold Christensen monogram stamp.
PK-9 chairs with original black leather, matt-chromed spring steel frame. E Kold Christensen monogram stamp.

No. 7862, Six Poul Kjaerholm PK-15 Chairs, 1980's. Bent wood ash, cane seats and original natural leather cushions. Designed 1979.
Manufacturer: PP-Møbler.

No. 7880, PK-71 Stacking Table, 1960's.
Black acrylic and matte chromed steel. Designed by Kjaerholm in 1957.
Manufacturer: E Kold Christensen

Exhibition View