Bruno Mathsson

Sep 25 - Feb 05


Swedish Designer and Architect. Born in Värnamo 1907, into the sixth generation of master cabinet makers. Mathsson was a complete autodidact trained by the traditional workshop of his father, Karl Mathssons. Through books and periodicals he found a passion for functional modern furniture using hemp webbing and weight-bearing materials. Always with nature in mind and with a total devotion to the perfect sitting curve, he created an internationally successful career from the small town of Värnamo.

The exhibition focuses on early bentwood designs created in the 1930´s and 1940´s, such as famous classics as the iconic Eva and Pernilla Chairs.

Exhibition View

No. 5068. Bruno Mathsson Reading stand 1936-1943. Produced for Karl Mathsson. Birch top. Adjustable height. Metal frame with brass details.

No. 5436. Bruno Mathsson Lounge Chair. Laminated bent wood with beech frame. Original blue leather webbing. Year 1942.

Exhibition View

No. 5082. Berlin Daybed. Exhibited at the Interbau exhibition in Berlin, 1957. Original wool, tweed upholstery. Bentwood frame in birch.

No. 4425. Rare work console table from the 60`s. Rosewood table top and beech bentwood legs.

No. 2769. Bruno Mathsson Easy Chair. Laminated bent wood beech frame. Original paper webbing. Designed in 1934. First year of production 1936.

No. 6211. Bruno Mathsson Tables. Designed in the 1930´s. Laminated birch legs with assorted wood tops.

No. 5196. Bruno Mathsson Book Shelves. Birch, laminated bentwood legs Paper label dated 1936. First year of production.

No. 6429. Manufactures paper label Bruno Mathsson BM. Hand written date 41. Firma Karl Mathsson.