Triplex Lamps

Johan Petter Johansson
Ref. 7139

Originally designed in 1916. Painted metal. Extending and adjustable wall or ceiling lamp. Produced by Triplex Fabriken. In the mid twenties, Alvar Aalto used this lamp in his interiors. Also, widely used in interiors at the Stockholm Exhibition 1930.

As a Swedish inventor and industrialist, Johansson invented the modern adjustable spanner and plumber wrench. He obtained over 100 patents in total and founded the Triplex Factory in 1919.

From left to right;
7139 h.180cm/70,8" -351cm/138,1" - sold
7140 h.140cm/55,1" - 307cm/120,8"
7141 h.137cm/53,9" - 302cm/118,8"

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