Three Vases

Ewald Dahlskog
Ref. 9881

Glazed ceramic. Manufacturers and artists marks.

The Model D9 by Ewald Dahlskog was first presented at the Stockholm Exhibition 1930.
Vases exhibited at Dahlskogs separate exhibition at Rööhska Museet, Gothenburg,
January in the year 1935. Intendant Jennifer Opie at V & A Museum has expressed that the typical design of Dahlskogs' in his model D9 may have had assertive influence on the Wedgewood produced ceramics designed by Keith Murray that were produced from the year 1933. A theory is that Keith Murray visited the Exhibition of Swedish Industrial Art at Dorland House in London in the year 1931.
From left to right; h.12cm/4,7" dia.13cm/5,1", h.8cm/3,1" dia.9cm/3,5", h.16cm/6,3", dia. 20cm/7,8"

Produced by Bobergs Fajansfabrik.

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