Bent Helweg Møller
Ref. 160209

Unique circular table of fruit wood with brass edges and details. Top of linoleum with ornamental decorations, with the inscription: "Ob Fructus Ardua Scandit" (En: He climbs impassable roads to reap the wages of his toil), print brand of the danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende.

Provenance: House of Berlingske TIdende, sitting area in the entrance hall, 1930s. Bent Helweg-Moller was head architect on the extension building of Berlingske Tidendes House in Pilestræde, Copemhagen, 1928-1930. The same building was awarded by the City of Copenhagen in 1931.

Literature: The journal "Arkitekten", p.176-177.

H.72cm/28,3'' DIA.128,5cm/50,6''

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